Monday, July 25, 2016

Travel: Favorite Bar in Kraków

Having originated from Poland, going to Kraków for the first time was an unforgettable experience. My friends and I stayed in The Little Havana Party Hostel right in the heart of Kraków. This hostel has been around for only one year, so it was very new and clean (esp. for a PARTY hostel). Exploring Kraków was very easy, considering the fact that it takes at most 15 minutes to walk anywhere. My favorite spot was at the Planty Park, where there was a beautiful fountain, bike path, greenery, and benches to enjoy it all. My favorite restaurant was Milkbar Tomasza, right in the heart of Kraków as well, where I ate a large plate of schnitzel, potatoes, and side salads, all for basically $4 (17 Polish zloty).

My ideal bar is one with great atmosphere, a great selection of craft beers, and passion that comes from the employees (and OBV good prices which isn't a problem in Kraków!). House of Beer had all of that, and more. The place was HUGE-- my friends and I were shocked at the size of the upstairs alone, until we realized there was an even BIGGER basement cellar! All of the walls were covered with beer bottles which was a nice touch (pictured below). The beer was stellar, with a selection of about 11 draught beers and the bottled selection was even bigger. The beer pictured below was a rosemary draught, how unique is that?

My favorite beer is Weissbier AKA wheat beer, and House of Beer had, for lack of better word, the creamiest unfiltered beer I've ever had. Best part? Costed 11 zloty (less than $3) for a .5L!

Romper purchased here.

If you ever happen to find yourself in Kraków, I highly recommend House of Beer along with my other favorite parts of the city. Cheers!

Photo credit- Taylor Garrett.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Prague OOTD: Cruisin' In My Two Piece

Ever since last year when the trend of two-piece outfits came about, I have been searching everywhere for a perfect two-piece set! Took me a long time, but finally found one at H&M in Poland and I love it so much. The best part is, I can mix & match the top with jeans, the shorts with a basic tank + jean jacket, etc! There are so many different combos you can come up with besides just wearing the two piece together.

My study abroad program took a boat cruise last night so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear it, along with my newfound love-- my pink fur ball keychain *heart-eyed emoji*. I think it's such a cute way to poof up you're look (ha), making any handbag immediately chic. OH, and obviously a Czech beer in hand.

Top. Bottoms. Similar fur ball keychain.

Photo credit: Julianne Capati

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