Monday, June 27, 2016

Prague Favorites #1

Back again! Today I wanted to post my first "Prague Favorites". The key word is "first"-- there are too many to include all of them in one post. I have officially been in Prague for one month now, so although I am not a *local*, there is one thing I know for sure... Prague is one AMAZING city with tons of things to do.

Favorite Bar:

Beer Geek. You can find me and my friends here at least 4 times a week. With 32 beers on tap that are constantly changing, there is always something new to try at this bar. You can get any type of beer-- from an American Pale Ale to a Cream Porter, there is a different beer for everyone. I also love their concept of having over 12 different types of wing flavors, scaled on the wall, anywhere from Cool Ranch, to Peach Mustard, to Liquid FIRE. If you love craft beer, this is the place to be. Just hop on the green line of the metro to Jiriho z Podebrad and you'll find yourself here. Disclaimer-picture taken from Taste of Prague.

Favorite Beer Garden:

Letná Beer Garden. There are 3 popular beer gardens in Prague; each with a different atmosphere. My favorite is Letná. This beer garden is at the top of a hill, with one amazing view, great beer and food, and a relaxing atmosphere. I love to come here with my friends, grab a chicken kebab, and hang out with the amazing view in the background. There is another beer garden with a more upbeat atmosphere called Riegrovy Sady, which is also an awesome place to be, so I will talk about it in my next Prague Favorites post. Below are pictures of the view from the beer garden.

Favorite Restaurant:

U Zlatého Stromu. While starving and on a hunt for a good restaurant in Old Town, my friends and I stumbled upon a contemporary Czech restaurant. We had low expectations because normally Old Town restaurants tend to be overpriced with mediocre food. To our surprise, it ended up being one of the best restaurants we've eaten at so far-- especially for Czech cuisine. The prices were very affordable and the food was stellar. Most of the table got a classic goulash dish (beef, potato dumplings, and potato pancakes covered in beef sauce) which was above par. Highly recommended!!

Favorite Cafe:

Coffee Room. As I am typing this, I am sitting in Coffee Room with their trendy iced Chai latte served in a mason jar, and a delicious bruschetta toast. Multiple people recommended this cafe to me for their relaxing atmosphere, delicious cafe drinks, and aesthetically pleasing breakfast. Because I work from home for my internship, you can find me here at least 3 times a week (I probably should branch out to other cafes, but I just love this one too much). Disclaimer- picture is taken from the Coffee Room Facebook page.

If you ever find yourself traveling around Prague, all of these spots are a must in my book. Hope it helps, XO


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Study Abroad (in Prague) Fashion #1

Hello darling trends!! It has been so long since I last posted! Quick update: I am studying abroad in PRAGUE this summer! I have been here for 3 weeks and I am loving it. I will be posting OOTD's in Prague to give a lil' idea of how I am dressing here. I packed pretty simple things that I can mix and match-- that way I save room in my suitcase. An entire summer is a terribly long time to wear the same clothes, so now is the time that I put my creativity to the test. In a few days, I will post another outfit with some of the same items, just worn differently. Variation is key when living out of one suitcase for 2 months.

PS- I am interning here for a company called Segrasegra that sells fashionable cyclist clothing. These clothes are made from recycled bicycle-tire inner tubes and are extremely high quality. It is unbelievable-- when an order is placed on the website, that is when the clothes are handmade by one of the owners. There is not much of an inventory (yet), so everything is made very personally and that is hard to find.

The company consists of essentially 5 people-- 2 sisters that own the company, a programmer to design the website, a photographer for the clothes, and then me-- the marketing/tech intern! I am focusing on expanding their company, develop new marketing campaigns via their website *here*, and MANY other things! My goal is to make a difference in their company-- which is definitely manageable considering how small the company is, and how closely I am working with everyone! ANYWAYS, back to the OOTD...

My shirt is from Brandy Melville, purchased a few months ago so I can't find it on the website, & I am not sure if they are still selling it in-store, but these elastic off-the-shoulder shirts are honestly everywhere! My belt is my latest obsession purchased at Urban Outfitters. It honestly is so versatile, adding that needed finishing touch to any simple outfit. I bought it right before my trip because I knew an accessory like that would come in handy! Urban Outfitters only has the thick style of my belt online, so here is a very similar thin belt.

My jeans are the ones I am almost always wearing, made my MOTHER from Nordstrom. They are so comfy and fit my body type very well. My sandals are also my go-to from Tory Burch in the style "Phoebe" linked here. My sunglasses are from BP @ Nordstrom. Lastly, my necklace is very old from Juicy Couture linked here.

I hope this lil' OOTD gave some inspiration, whether it's for a casual going-out outfit or if you are on a long trip like me! I will post a variation of this OOTD soon! XO

PS- These pictures were taken in front of the Lennon Wall in Prague by my lovely roommate Rebecca. Check out her blog here!

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