Friday, August 26, 2016

Beauty: Drugstore Dupe of KYLINER

Kylie Jenner's famous limited edition birthday collection included an incredibly popular "Kyliner" in the shade dark bronze, that came with a pencil eyeliner, a pot of gel eyeliner, and an eyeliner brush for $38. I decided to share a dupe to any color of Kyliner-- the Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil, which retails at $4.49 vs. paying $38 (excluding the $9 for shipping) for a kyliner!

Below are pictured my swatches of Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in the color Knight, a dark bronze shade...

And here are Kylie's swatches of her dark bronze kyliner (taken from her snapchat story)...

As you can see, they both are very pigmented and appear to have similar creamy/smooth consistencies. When I feel lazy, I absolutely love to use the Nyx dark bronze shade to line my eyelid and throw on some mascara. The eyeliner really adds a great glow to my eyes and is so easy to apply because it's thick and doesn't need to be a perfect line!

There are benefits of splurging and getting Kylie's liner, too. For one, the fact that it's a "Kylie product" could be a deciding factor for a lot of people. Second, you get a little bit more of a variety with Kyliner because she gives you a pot of gel liner + an eyeliner brush for a thicker line, but you also get a thin eyeliner pencil for more precise lines. Lastly, you get more product with Kylie's liner.

Regardless of the benefits that come with paying for the Kyliner, I think that for the $30+ price difference, Nyx is a great option. Kylie just released a black and dark brown Kyliner kit, so the NYX jumbo eyeliner pencils in "Black Bean" and "Dark Brown" work as perfect dupes as well.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Beauty: Kylie Cosmetics MINI MATTES Review

Because I have never purchased anything from Kylie Cosmetics before, I was a bit scared to spend $29+ on a lip kit that I wasn't 100% sure it would look good on my skin tone. So, from the limited edition birthday collection, I thought I'd get the most for my money by purchasing the mini mattes, a set of mini matte lipsticks in the colors: Exposed, Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, Kristen, and Leo. Here I will be reviewing all 6 of those shades by answering the most common questions asked about these lipsticks!


How were the mini mattes delivered?

I love Kylie's packaging. I swear that is a part of why I wanted a product from her. Her entire birthday collection came in gold fab. She also gave a cute lil' birthday note with it as well-- pictured below.

How do the shades look on your skin tone?

Here are all the shades together:

And below you can see all 6 shades individually:

1. Exposed- warm nude. On my medium-olive skin tone, it reminds me of a orange/apricot color. This is one of my favorites.

2. Dolce K- dark nude. This shade reminds me of milk chocolate on my skin tone. I think it would look best on darker skin.

3. Koko K- pale pink. This shade is perfect for anyone with fair skin, as it doesn't contrast with your skin tone too much. I don't think this color suites dark skin tones.

4. Candy K- warm pink. I like this color a lot on my skin tone, & fair and dark skin-toned people could also pull this one off-- it seems like the most universal shade.

5. Kristen- warm berry. This shade looks absolutely amazing on medium skin tones.

6. Leo- maroon. I was surprised to see that this color looks really great on my skin tone. I got so many compliments on this one! This color looks stunning on medium to dark skin tones.

Is there a scent?

Yes! All Kylie lip products smell the same-- sweet like candy.

Do you like the applicator?

Yes I do. The applicator makes it very easy to apply the lipstick, and feels very soft against the lips. But, I know that the mini mattes come with a different brush from regular sized mattes.

How pigmented are the lipsticks?

Varied from each color, but overall they are very pigmented. I noticed that Kristen was the most pigmented and only required one swipe of lip product. The next "most pigmented" colors were Candy K and Dolce K. Lighter colors like Exposed and Koko K required more lip product as well in order to fully cover the lips. Leo also took a bit more-- I noticed that it was the most streaky of all 6 mattes, which most likely is because it is such a dark color.

Does her lipstick do a good job lasting all day, or do you have to reapply a lot?

Her lipsticks generally hold up well on my lips, but after a few hours of wear, or if I eat, then I definitely need to reapply.

Which are your favorite/least favorite color(s)?

Exposed and Candy K are my favorite for everyday wear. Kristen and Leo are my favorite for a bold lip! Dolce K and Koko K are my "least favorite", but I don't hate them. I will definitely wear them occasionally just to get good use of out them.


Favorite things about the mini mattes?

I love that she released a product where you can try a bunch of different colors all at once. I also take forever to go through lip products, so it's great to have mini's of 6 different colors! Best of all, I love the high pigmentation of each color. I have received a lot of compliments ever since beginning to wear her matte lipsticks!

Least favorite things about the mini mattes?

The worst part about Kylie's lip products is how drying they are. I definitely don't feel like my lips are moisturized when I put her products on. Kind of a disappointment, but what else can you expect from a "matte" lipstick? Just one of those things where you just gotta bite the bullet for the sake of beauty!

I hope this review was helpful! Which color is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! XO

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